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Door systems are used as a form of separation, to protect against noises and smells, and they facilitate or restrict us when moving around a room or building.


Every day, we meet doors in the widest variety of shapes and functions. In addition to the classic hinged doors, increasing numbers of sliding doors are finding their way into the houses, hotels, restaurants and apartments of the world.


Of course, we also have functional design solutions in our range for this, in addition to our special solutions. They are all completed with our accessories.



Partitions that create rooms: these dividers made of glass and black steel are an attractive solution to divide areas and form kitchens, bedrooms or living rooms and so much more. Partitions that make quiet retreats while producing an airy atmosphere. The style is intended to resembled old industrial windows which produce lofty spaces even with limited space - in the industrial style.

Even though these stylish room dividers have been used in architecture for about 100 years, MWE has combined the old look with new technology.

Through the use of aluminum, the system is brought into modern times by being light weight and designed to overcome imperfect scenarios it is possible to use state-of-the-art door technology, including door hinges and sliding door technology.

Even with a predominantly open floor plan, one would like, for example in the bedroom, privacy is not a thing of the past, or a quiet workplace is important: the MW01 dividing wall system makes you feel like a structure, but the comfort and openness remain intact. Black metal does not only fit into modern facilities in industrial style, but projects which combine the new with the old also benefit from the possibilities of the separating wall system.



You have the choice between classic sliding doors with a visible roller carriage at the top, or systems that run along a floor track.


There are models for classic glass or wood doors – either as a single- or double-leaf system – as well as special systems designed especially for wood door leaves. Another one-of-a-kind alternative from MWE is the curved Vario system, equipped with a swivel joint that enables door leaves to glide smoothly along the changing radius of a curved rail.


Whether you’re planning a special kind of door to a room, a partition system or a completely freestanding office cubicle, MWE would be happy to recommend a trained specialist in your area to advise you.



MWE stands for maximum production quality and a great passion for detail. We consider it our philosophy and task to develop products made in Germany that consistently correspond with the spirit of the times and also enables space for individuality. This means that all MWE employees always correspond with the highest standards involving design, production quality, and functionality.

In particular: All products are subject to a complex production sequence, about 100% of which takes place on our own premises. MWE utilises highly-modern non-chipping CNC machines, and this unique final result is achieved via careful, hand-crafted surface refinement. Paired with its exemplary customer communication strategy, MWE’s leading technology produces ‘Quality built on Passion’!

MWE Schuebetürsystem Terra M
Warum MWE?


Pivoting doors with an individual touch are becoming more and more en vogue in contemporary interior design.


Doors in MWE’s Akzent series are a highlight in any setting. The striking design is perfectly matched by outstanding functionality and the unparalleled quality of the craftsmanship.




MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur is famed for the highest quality of finish on its products. This is also continued into the accessory range. Whether wall or ceiling fastenings, tracks for various systems or technical Soft-Stop elements, they are all based on our philosophy: A love of detail.



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