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Where can I buy a MWE Product?

You can look on our partner card or contact our sales team at They will pick out a suitable partner from the craft or trade for you.

What standard surfaces has MWE?

If we don't have any information about the surface, the products will be delivered with our special Korn600 polished surface.

Is the door leaf thickness important?

Yes, without an indication of door leaf thickness and material, the processing may be delayed due to the demand from our sales team. The exact information is also important, otherwise we can not enclose the correct mounting material.

My wall opening is very big and because of the splitting very special. Do you have a solution for this kind of requests?

We work on Exactly these questions daily. Each runner is usually made to customer specifications. If our sliding door division can not solve this problem, then our special design department. For individual and complicated construction situations, MWE offers the widest range of products and services.

What is a PVD coating?

Indispensable in the optimization of surfaces especially of tools and machine parts as well as in medicine is the PVD vacuum technology (Physical Vapor Deposition). With the aid of this coating technique, metallic hard materials such as titanium nitride, titanium aluminum nitride or titanium carbonitride are applied to the support to a thickness of 5 μm. The layer causes in the application an increase in the service life of tools and machine parts. In the decorative sense, one can look forward to a homogeneous color distribution. The surface is long-term and glossy stable.

Do you really produce everything in Germany or do you only do module assembly?

All MWE products are fully in line with the slogan Made in Germany. From raw material processing to the finished packaged product, everything is produced here in the heart of Münsterland. Gladly you can also make yourself a picture of it and visit us.

Sliding Doors

Is the mounting material supplied with a sliding door order?

Yes, a wood screw with cylinder head in the lengths 80, 100, 120 mm (depending on the wall distance only one screw per attachment) and a suitable Fischer Duopower dowel are included in the article wall mounting.

How durable are the sliding doors?

All MWE products meet the highest demands. We test all our products on our own testing facility. We overfill German standards (DIN) many times over. Sliding doors must e.g. Endure 100,000 cycles. Our sliding door fittings are tested for at least a quarter of a million cycles.

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Can you make a delivery directly to my customer?

Yes, by giving us the exact adress we are able to deliver directly to your customers.

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