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Of course, in addition to single elements, our extensive range of accessories also includes complete packages. Custom-made products? Get in touch with us: As manufacturers, we are extremely flexible and can quickly respond to your requests.

We are your manufacturer of metal fittings who can also provide the individual parts that you require, including system drawings - all under one roof! The accessories cataloge also contains all the necessary information on technical details regarding dimensions and drill holes.





These are no mere door pulls – MWE devotes itself instead to developing and crafting door openers that are delightful to the touch.


Whether straight handles, flush pulls, stiletto handles or knobs: we make no compromises when it comes to design, material and surface finish. In addition to our range of stainless steel handles with round or flat sections, we also use alternative materials such as wood. Combining materials opens the door to creativity. Even the production of special handles with unusual shapes and proportions is possible, for example for grand entranceways.


With years of experience in our in-house custom design department, MWE not only helps you to realize your visions but can also contribute many creative ideas for your own unique door handle design.




In the case of synchronous technology, a wire rope connection allows the opposite opening of two door leaves. In addition to the sophisticated technology, the sophisticated design of the synchronous fittings, which deliberately displays a complex mechanism, is particularly impressive. The synchronous technology is available for the Classic, Spider, Chronos, ProTec, Supra and Akzent sliding door systems for use with synchronously coupled, sliding glass or wooden sliding doors.

So arbeitet die Synchrontechnik der MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur. Gezeigt am beispiel desSchiebtürsystems Spider


idler pulley

ca. 9 x leaf width




Synchro-wire, length



So arbeitet die Soft-Stop Technik der MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur. Gezeigt am beispiel des Schiebetürsystems Akzent R




  • 5 years warranty (not for wear parts)

  • Tested with over 100,000 cycles

  • Linear power distribution facilitates easier operation

  • Long-term spare parts supply guaranteed

  • New entrainment nose completely made of stainless steel (trolley top)

  • Easy assembly of the dampers

  • Instead of 75 kg now up to 100 kg door leaf weight

  • Instead of 70 mm now 55 mm profile height (roller cart below)

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Our flat profile rail can be combined as a standard version with the sliding door system Akzent R and as a flexible version (with flexible wall adjustment +/- 4mm) that can be combined with the Purist system. A soft stop module can also be integrated.


Our floor runners for the Terra door systems have a U-profile and can also be embedded in the floor if necessary.

We offer several different types of rails in our range of accessories.


The classic round rail (Ø 25mm) is ideal for the sliding door systems ProTec, Classic, Supra, Twin, Duplex, Spider and Chronos. Of course, the combination with a MWE-Soft-Stop module is also possible.



We offer wall and glass fixings for concentric rails, flat profile rails and double rails.


In addition, we have wall fixings in the respective design for the systems Spider or Chronos.


It is also possible to equip your door system with a front attachment or a fixing on furniture.

Download now our detailed accessories catalog →



MWE offers ceiling holders with and without height adjustment. Our range of accessories also includes ceiling holders with fixed glass mounting and rail mounting, ceiling mount for two-track rails and ceiling mount for single-track rails. The latter are also suitable for curved systems. There is also a choice between classic and accent design.

Download now our detailed accessories catalog →



MWE offers a comprehensive range of glass connectors. Variations of side connectors, glass to glass or wall corner connectors and glass to floor or ceiling brackets are part of our repertoire.


We offer a selection of technical requirements that additionally fulfill the glass connectors, such as an angle adjustment option for glass to glass corner connectors.


The design of our glass connectors also offers some choices, such as the side connector with 3 glass points designed for the Akzent R system.